Azealia Banks Slams Nicki Minaj For Dissing Megan Thee Stallion’s Late Mother (2024)

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Azealia Banks is weighing in on the beef between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion — and the New York femcee appears to be siding with the latter.

On Feb. 1, Banks hopped on her @CheapyXOUSA Instagram page to share her thoughts about the drama that sparked between Nicki and Meg since the release of their controversial diss tracks “Big Foot” and “Hiss.” In a searing 29-minute-long rant, Banks slammed Nicki for insulting the Houston rapper’s late mother, Holly Thomas, on her viral diss track.

The “212” artist alleged that Nicki was “jealous” of Megan’s career and the support she’s received from Jay-Z, who currently manages the 29-year-old rapper under Roc Nation.

“Nicki is mad because she wants to be a fucking Roc Nation girl — there’s no way around that. She feels really vulnerable – really vulnerable. And she is vulnerable because she’s valuable,” the star said.


Banks, 32, claimed that Nicki’s career was on the fritz. She theorized that the Pink Friday 2 star was taking her frustration out on Megan because she allegedly has “protection” and financial backing from white music executives in the industry.

“She’s kind of been left in the wild and all of these white music execs are just eating her piece of the pie. I said it time and time again. Bitch stop fucking arguing with these girls because it’s not about these girls. It’s about the white men behind them that want to eat your food.”

Banks’ fiery rant did not stop there. In the latter half of the video, the “Anna Wintour” rapper told fans that she was convinced Nicki was “fucked up financially.” Banks claimed that she could tell based on the appearance of Nicki’s butt.

“I realized that when she was fucking frying the can of cream corn in the Teflon pan. I was just like, what in the welfare is happening right now. This is insane….Like you can tell just by whatever keeps happening with Nicki’s butt that she’s fucked up right now because there’s something very fucking wrong with her butt—and I don’t know what it is. But I do know that the surgery to get that shit out of there is a pretty penny.”

The Harlem native pondered if the “Anaconda” rhymer could “afford” to get her booty fixed before she pointed out another example of why Nicki’s career was declining.

“An artist of her stature peddling press on nails? It doesn’t add up,” she added before criticizing the Queen rapper’s mean lyrics aimed at Megan’s deceased mom. “Saying anything about Megan’s mother… it’s not that it’s even too far. It’s disgusting,” she added.

Netizens react to Azealia Banks’ hot take on Nicki Minaj.

Netizens on X had a lot to say about Banks’s hot take. The Barbz, Nicki’s dedicated fanbase, jumped in to defend the star, calling Banks’ diatribe “crazy.” They claimed the 32-year-old femcee was broke and pointed to her 2022 alleged eviction as proof. A few users pled for Banks to sit out of the conversation due to her past beef with rappers in the industry.

Some users sided with Banks’ theory. They firmly believed that Nicki was “jealous” of Meg’s meteoric rise and support in the rap game. One user penned that the Grammy nominee was sore because her support from big rappers like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne had allegedly dwindled over the years.

Why did Nicki Minaj insult Megan Thee Stallion’s deceased mother on “Big Foot”?

The beef between the two stars erupted Jan. 26 when Megan dropped her fiery diss track “Hiss.” Inside the buzzing song, the Houston native threw shade at Nicki’s husband, Kenneth Petty, calling out his sex offender status.

“These hoes don’t be mad at Megan, these hoes mad at Megan’s Law,” the star rapped, referencing Megan’s Law, a federal law that requires law enforcement to release information about sex offenders to the public.

Nicki caught wind of the shady bar and launched a hate campaign against the “Hot Girl Summer” artist. On X, the matriarch claimed that Megan “lied on her dead mother,” and she slammed her for insulting her “family.” She also alleged that the rapper tried to make her drink liquor while pregnant and encouraged her to “go to the clinic” for an abortion. Megan vehemently denied the accusations.

Before dropping “Big Foot” on Jan. 29, the Beam Me Up Scottyemcee threw more shade at Megan’s late mother during a rant on Stationhead, a streaming platform.

“You better go conjure up your mother and apologize. That’s disgusting,” the 41-year-old star said, according to TMZ.

Things escalated even further when Nicki threw dirt on Holly Thomas in “Big Foot.”

“How you f**k your mother man when she die? / How you go on Gayle King and can’t cry? / Chile, bye / Big foot, but you still a small fry / Swearin’ on your dead mother when you lie,” she rapped.

The Barbz allegedly threatened to desecrate the grave of Holly Thomas after “Big Foot” dropped.

The drama between Nicki and Megan took a nasty turn earlier this week. According to TMZ, the Barbz reportedly discovered the location of Thomas’ gravesite and have been encouraging each other to desecrate her burial site. The Texas cemetery where Thomas was laid to rest has been on high alert and has notified local authorities to monitor the area for vandals. Currently, nothing has happened to the site, according to officials, TMZ noted.

This is getting out of hand.

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The article discusses the ongoing beef between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion, with Azealia Banks weighing in on the situation. Azealia Banks appears to side with Megan Thee Stallion and criticizes Nicki Minaj for insulting Megan's late mother on her diss track. Banks suggests that Nicki is jealous of Megan's career and the support she's received from Jay-Z, who currently manages Megan under Roc Nation.

Banks also theorizes that Nicki's career is declining and that she's taking out her frustration on Megan because Megan allegedly has protection and financial backing from white music executives. Banks claims that Nicki's appearance and her decision to promote press-on nails are evidence of her financial struggles. She also criticizes Nicki for her mean lyrics aimed at Megan's deceased mother.

The article further mentions the reaction of netizens to Azealia Banks' comments. Some defend Nicki Minaj and call Banks' diatribe "crazy," while others agree with Banks' theory that Nicki is jealous of Megan's success.

The article also briefly explains the origin of the beef between Nicki and Megan, which started when Megan dropped her diss track "Hiss," containing a reference to Megan's Law, a federal law about sex offenders. Nicki responded by accusing Megan of lying about her dead mother and making other derogatory remarks.

The drama escalated when Nicki released her own diss track "Big Foot," where she insulted Megan and her deceased mother. The article mentions that there were alleged threats to desecrate the grave of Megan's mother after the release of "Big Foot," leading to heightened security measures at the cemetery.

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Azealia Banks Slams Nicki Minaj For Dissing Megan Thee Stallion’s Late Mother (2024)
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