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Every week seems to be a big week for Swifties, but this week, in particular, needs a shoutout. Aside from The Eras Tour film hitting theatres globally, rumours about Taylor Swift joining the cast of Deadpool 3 as Dazzler have also been circulating.

Taylor Swift Movies Every Swiftie Should Watch (That’s Not ‘The Eras Tour’) | TheBeauLife (1)

How many of Taylor Swift's movies have you seen? (Photo from: @taylorswift)

We already know Tay-tay sells out concert tickets, albums, singles, and merch like pancakes, leading to projections that The Eras Tour movie will debut at USD100 million at the box office. Following all these movie-related news bits, it’s the perfect opportunity to look back at her previous cinematic stints to celebrate how multifaceted this queen truly is.

Below, our favourite Taylor Swift movies to watch, from Valentine’s Day to the All Too Well: Short Film.

1. Valentine’s Day (2010)

Before she was Miss Americana, Taylor Swift played the adorable Felicia in the ensemble film Valentine’s Day. She was cast with her then reel-and-real partner Taylor Lautner (a.k.a. Mr. Back To December) who played the role of Willy. The two portrayed high school sweethearts who are head-over-heels with one another.

Why you’ll like it: Despite Taylor S.’s small role in the film, her and Taylor L.’s characters are memorable because they are caricatures of what a bubbly, naive, high school love affair looks like. Tay S. is also seen with her signature lucky number 13 stamped on her hand throughout the movie, serving as a nice wink to her real-life persona.

2. The Giver (2014)

The 2010s were filled with a lot of teen-dystopian-books-turned-movies and The Giver was one of them. The fictional world was set in a society where children are bred through genetic engineering, and any form of sexual desire is suppressed chemically. They also see the world in black and white. The world’s history and memories of the past are assigned to only one person, the Receiver of Memory, and only they, along with their assigned protege, can see in colour. Taylor appeared in the film as a former protege named Rosemary. The movie starred Brenton Thwaites and Odeya Rush, with Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård, and Katie Holmes.

Why you’ll like it: While the movie strayed away from many of the source material’s elements, The Giver still makes for a solid watch with its complex and intriguing narrative. It’s a bit different from stories sharing a similar genre like The Hunger Games or Maze Runner, but it’s a thought-provoking piece in its own right. And of course, Taylor’s cameo is another worthy reason to check out the film.

Watch The Giver here.

3. All Too Well: Short Film (2021)

We know this is cheating (kind of), but if Taylor says it’s a short film, then it counts as a movie, right? All Too Well: Short Film was a phenomenon that got the whole world obsessed and for good reason. It starred Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien and Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink as two lovers who fell in love hard but also fell apart even harder. Taylor made a surprise cameo in the end as an older version of Sadie’s character, making the entire short film feel amazingly meta, especially with the beloved titular track serving as the narration for the 10-minute mini-movie.

Why you’ll like it: Aside from the fact that Taylor directed and produced the short film herself, it’s objectively a great short film which illustrates how toxicity can ruin a seemingly perfect relationship. It also captured heartbreak and healing in such a raw and relatable manner.

Watch All Too Well: Short Film here.

4. Amsterdam (2022)

Taylor Swift in a historical true-crime film? Yes, please! This Margot Robbie- and Christian Bale-starrer is about three friends who got framed for a murder in the 1930s, uncovering one of the most intriguing crime stories in American history. Taylor portrayed Elizabeth Meekins, the daughter of a late army general. Elizabeth was the only member of her family who found their father’s death curious, leading her to ask Dr. Burt Berendsen (Christian Bale) to push for an autopsy and investigate.

Why you’ll like it: If you love true-crime films, you’ll surely find enjoyment in Amsterdam. Just like Taylor’s other movies, this movie also features a star-studded cast, ensuring a favourite for every member of the family.

Watch Amsterdam here.

(Cover photo from: @taylorswift)

For more updates on Miss Swift, here’s a breakdown of recent headlines about the multi-Grammy awardee.

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Taylor Swift's Movies

Taylor Swift, known for her successful music career, has also appeared in several movies throughout the years. Here are some of her notable cinematic stints:

  1. Valentine's Day (2010): In this ensemble film, Taylor Swift played the role of Felicia, a high school student who is in a bubbly, naive love affair with her on-screen partner, portrayed by Taylor Lautner. Despite having a small role, her character is memorable, and she is seen with her signature lucky number 13 stamped on her hand throughout the movie.

  2. The Giver (2014): Taylor Swift appeared in this teen-dystopian-book-turned-movie, playing the role of Rosemary, a former protege. The film is set in a society where emotions are suppressed, and memories of the past are assigned to only one person. While the movie deviates from some elements of the source material, it offers a complex and intriguing narrative, making it a thought-provoking watch. Taylor's cameo is an additional reason to check out the film.

  3. All Too Well: Short Film (2021): Although not a traditional movie, Taylor Swift directed and produced this 10-minute short film. It stars Dylan O'Brien and Sadie Sink as lovers who experience a tumultuous relationship. Taylor makes a surprise cameo as an older version of Sadie's character. The short film explores themes of heartbreak and healing in a raw and relatable manner .

  4. Amsterdam (2022): Taylor Swift appears in this historical true-crime film alongside Margot Robbie and Christian Bale. The movie revolves around three friends who are framed for a murder in the 1930s, uncovering an intriguing crime story. Taylor portrays Elizabeth Meekins, the daughter of a late army general. With a star-studded cast and a captivating storyline, this film is likely to appeal to fans of true-crime movies.

Please note that the availability of these movies may vary depending on your location and streaming platforms.

Taylor Swift Movies Every Swiftie Should Watch (That’s Not ‘The Eras Tour’) | TheBeauLife (2024)
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