The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (2024)

Strut around maps with priceless gear or bags of cash.

  • Ryan Willcox
  • October 3, 2022
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Whether you are playing an RPG or a life simulator, most Roblox games start you out with close to nothing but your avatar. Luckily, the platform’s catalog of clothes and accessories has ultimately given life to outfits that will make you look incredibly wealthy from the start of your journey. These span from royal attire to even character designs decked out in expensive jewelry. With so many to discover, here are the 10 best rich outfits you can find in Roblox, listed in alphabetical order.

What are the best rich avatar outfits in Roblox?

Aesthetic Preppy Queen

The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (2)
  • Creator: CalmVortex
  • Items included: Falling Snow, Snow Whisp, Crystal Ice Tiara, Elsa Frozen Blue Snow Queen Dress Top, Elsa – Frozen Outfit Bottom, Fairytale Braid in Blonde, Royale Winter Cape – Zara Larrson, Snow Aura, and Snow Summon

Nothing says your avatar comes from royalty like Aesthetic Preppy Queen. It is a widely popular outfit, mostly due to its gorgeous, aqua blue dress. Additionally, if the crown and cape seem eerily familiar, that’s because Aesthetic Preppy Queen is heavily inspired by Frozen protagonist Elsa. To go along with this theme, costume owners will be accompanied by snowflakes below and around them when sporting the entire fit. Those interested in this snow queen can purchase all of her goods for 806 Robux.

Bling Rich Robux Man

The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (3)
  • Creator: MuneebParwazMP
  • Items included: Mr. Bling Bling Hat, Golden Shiny Teeth, Messy Long Boy Hair, Davy Bazooka, and Golden Suit of Bling

Arguably the best of all, Bling Rich Robux Man is an avatar that flashes dollar signs and gold on almost every item it bears. This includes its towering top hat which oddly has yet another Bling Rich Robux Man popping out of it. But, it gets more absurd from there. The hat and the rocket launcher accessory both shoot out Robux-shaped sparkles with each step the avatar takes. The Golden Shiny Teeth are priced at a steep 125,000 Robux, though the rest of the ensemble can be bought for 5,310 Robux.

Drip Knight

The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (4)
  • Creator: DinoBear2345
  • Items included: Dominus Aureus, Gold Shirt of Bling Bling!, Golden Pants of Bling Bling!, Drip Bling, Golden Demonic Greatsword, Gold Saints Wings, and Yellow Lighting Sparkles Aura

There may not be a warrior with as much swagger as Drip Knight. The outfit is entirely made out of gold, while its boots are seemingly made of cold hard cash. As if that wasn’t enough to flaunt its wealth, Drip Knight rocks a gigantic chain that reads “Drip” across its chest. But, there is a fine price to pay for a skin this fresh. The golden Dominus Aureus helmet costs a wild 2.8 million Robux, so we recommend just buying the rest of the getup for a much lower 790 Robux.

Golden Boy

The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (5)
  • Creator: BuffnoobM
  • Items included: Gold Toony Top Hat, Brown and Gold Luxury Headband, White Gold Eye Hands, Gold Domino Headphones, Floating Money, Millionaire LV Gold Coat, Gold Rectangle Shades, Mask of the Forgotten, Gold Gamer Chain, Bag O’ Robux, and Greater Leviathan – Gold

It may come with a whopping 11 items, but Golden Boy is a must-have design for players with 592 Robux to spare. The male character displays a striking six-pack as well as a Black Louis Vuitton suit with gold linings. However, it goes over the top with its inclusion of the Greater Leviathan dragon companion. There is even a backpack accessory full of Robux inside and, weirdly enough, a pair of hands that stick to the avatar’s face.

Kitty Money

The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (6)
  • Creator: Sofi_juegosRoblox
  • Items included: Black Pearly Tiara, Tuxedo Cat Ears, Bow Tank Top, Gunslaya Black Skirt, Aesthetic Split Bangs Hair in Brown, Cat Whiskers, Spiked Cat Collar (3.0), Black Ruffled Sleeve, Piles of Cash, Raining Money Confetti, and Black Cat Tail

If you’re seeking something that is equally cute and flashy, Kitty Money may just become your favorite design of all. This female avatar is not just surrounded by dollar bills; her array of clothes and accessories has her cosplaying as an adorable black cat. Best of all, those behind the character will discover a lengthy tail peeking out from between the stacks of cash. Kitty Money is priced at 676 Robux, but players just wanting the Piles of Cash item can purchase it separately for a low 100 Robux.

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Money Tank

The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (7)
  • Creator: Iloveeevee34
  • Items included: Noob on Shoulder, Raining Money Confetti, Golden Tank, and Headless Head

By far the most bizarre, this brilliant idea completely wipes away your avatar in exchange for an enormous golden Money Tank. It earns its name due to it being surrounded by the Raining Money Confetti accessory. Though, players will also find diamond stars on each part of the vehicle. Although we have not seen it in action yet, we can imagine using Money Tank in any game is a sight well worth its price tag of 6,230 Robux.

Princess Roya

The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (8)
  • Creator: CookieDohLuv
  • Items included: Viel, Elegant Pearl Earrings, Monarch Morningmist Sunhat, Vintage Wavy Brown Bob, 3.0 Pearl Neckwear, and Adorable Pink Princess Gown

The fabulous Princess Roya is a great choice for players looking to shock and awe lobbies with old-school fashion. The design mainly consists of a large puffy pink dress that is full of hearts and diamonds throughout. Roya even dazzles with a matching hat and priceless pearl accessories to ensure you are dressed for any occasion. Despite hosting a collection of valuable items, Princess Roya requires players to only spend 709 Robux.

Rich Spongebob

The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (9)
  • Creator: PostQwertyism
  • Items included: Rich Spongebob Shirt, Rich_Spongebob_Shirt, and Woman Arms and Legs

Taking inspiration from the beloved Nickelodeon cartoon, Rich Spongebob turns the sea creature into a fanciful sponge of impeccable tastes. This is made abundantly clear with its two-piece suit’s pockets filled to the brim with cash, but there’s even a well-groomed mustache to add to its glorious theme. Oh, did we mention it only asks players to spend 12 Robux to own in its entirety?

Steampunk Wealth

The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (10)
  • Creator: Krisoffe
  • Items included: Trickster’s Top Hat, Trickster’s Top Hat Suit, Brown Floof Hair, Clear Circular Gold Glasses, Golden Rose, Super Super Happy Face, and Royale Cloak

Most wealthy designs in Roblox typically come off as threatening, but those wanting a friendlier appearance may want to check out Steampunk Wealth. The idea depicts your avatar as a victorian millionaire that can win over a room with its infectious smile. Though, one cannot forget about its top-of-the-line fashion. It features a sleek black suit, a gold-trimmed cape, and a golden rose that shines bright in any game lobby.

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The Burger King

The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (11)
  • Creator: Gamboiger
  • Items included: Ruby Royal Crown, Royal King Top, King Robe Pants, Man Face, Brown Messy Wavy Middle Part, Walrus Mustache, Neck Beard, and Gold Skull Chain

Of course, we cannot go with giving some spotlight to the one and only Burger King. Creator Gamboiger pictures the rather creepy fast food mascot as a more regal member of royalty, lending the character a fuzzy red suit and possibly one of the best crown items we’ve seen yet. Although its facial hair is an overpriced 200 Robux, you can obtain all of the king’s clothes for the sweet deal of 660 Robux.

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Roblox Avatar Outfits:

The article discusses the best rich avatar outfits in Roblox, which can make players look incredibly wealthy from the start of their journey. These outfits include various clothes and accessories that give the avatars a luxurious and extravagant appearance. Here are the outfits mentioned in the article:

  1. Aesthetic Preppy Queen: This outfit is inspired by the character Elsa from the movie Frozen. It features a gorgeous aqua blue dress, a crown, and a cape. The outfit costs 806 Robux [[1]].

  2. Bling Rich Robux Man: This avatar outfit is designed to flash dollar signs and gold. It includes a top hat, shiny teeth, a rocket launcher accessory, and a golden suit. The outfit costs 5,310 Robux [[2]].

  3. Drip Knight: This outfit is entirely made out of gold and features a chain that reads "Drip" across the chest. The outfit also includes a golden helmet, golden shirt and pants, and various accessories. The golden Dominus Aureus helmet alone costs 2.8 million Robux, while the rest of the outfit can be purchased for 790 Robux [[3]].

  4. Golden Boy: This outfit includes a gold top hat, a suit with gold linings, and various accessories such as headphones, a mask, and a dragon companion. The outfit costs 592 Robux [[4]].

  5. Kitty Money: This outfit is designed to resemble an adorable black cat. It includes a tiara, cat ears, a tank top, a skirt, and accessories like whiskers and a tail. The outfit costs 676 Robux, but the "Piles of Cash" item can be purchased separately for 100 Robux [[5]].

  6. Money Tank: This outfit completely transforms the avatar into an enormous golden tank surrounded by raining money confetti. The tank features diamond stars on each part. The outfit costs 6,230 Robux [[6]].

  7. Princess Roya: This outfit is a large puffy pink dress adorned with hearts and diamonds. It includes a hat, pearl accessories, and other items. The outfit costs 709 Robux [[7]].

  8. Rich Spongebob: This outfit is inspired by the character Spongebob Squarepants and features a two-piece suit filled with cash. It also includes a mustache. The outfit costs 12 Robux [[8]].

  9. Steampunk Wealth: This outfit depicts the avatar as a Victorian millionaire with a friendly appearance. It includes a black suit, a gold-trimmed cape, and various accessories. The outfit costs an unspecified amount of Robux [[9]].

  10. The Burger King: This outfit transforms the Burger King mascot into a regal member of royalty. It includes a red suit, a crown, and facial hair. The outfit costs 660 Robux [[10]].

These outfits allow players to customize their avatars and create a rich and extravagant appearance in the Roblox games they play.

I hope this information helps! Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

The 10 best rich Roblox avatar designs – How to make your Roblox avatar look rich (2024)
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